Did you know South Glengarry does NOT protect the use or disclosure of YOUR private information?
Does MAYOR FRANK PREVOST know this is a breach of his legislated obligations?
Township of South Glengarry MAYOR: This is a complaint of the Clerk’s CONDUCT! It is a job for the CAO! NOT MY JOB!
Township of South Glengarry CAO: I am Confident … there will be no further action taken.
This complaint is FRIVOLOUS & VEXATIOUS!
Township of South Glengarry Clerk: “Other legislated responsibilities took precedence…. Unfortunately, as we do not currently have this process in place there are no formalized disclosure records.”
Township of South Glengarry Council:
Say what?

They have been lying about flu deaths, and flu shots for years.

Judge dismisses charter application of pastor on trial for violating health orders via @StCatStandard BUT

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Township of South Glengarry LAWYER’s EMAIL:
You will not likely receive any responses from any member of South Glengarry Council. That said, they are all free to decide what, if anything, they wish to send you.
Likewise I do not expect any other elected representatives such as Mr. Clark and Mr. McDonnell to waste their valuable time…
You also seem to be fond of Twitter and I would caution you ….
Please find another hobby

Township of South Glengarry CLERK EMAIL:

As I have previously advised, the Township does not currently maintain a personal information bank per MFIPPA s. 34.



Secret Personal Information Bank: Bill 8 added new offence provisions to MFIPPA
It is an offence to willfully maintain a personal information bank that contravenes MFFIPA [subsection 48(1(b)]. To intentionally maintain a secret personal information bank that is not described and made public as required by section 34.
34 (1) A head shall make available for inspection by the public an index of all personal information banks in the custody or under the control of the institution setting forth, in respect of each personal information bank,

(a) its name and location;
(b) the legal authority for its establishment;
(c) the types of personal information maintained in it;
(d) how the personal information is used on a regular basis;
(e) to whom the personal information is disclosed on a regular basis;
(f) the categories of individuals about whom personal information is maintained; and
(g) the policies and practices applicable to the retention and disposal of the personal information.

Ensure accuracy

(2) The head shall ensure that the index is amended as required to ensure its accuracy.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56, s. 34.

Inconsistent use or disclosure

35 (1) A head shall attach or link to personal information in a personal information bank,
(a) a record of any use of that personal information for a purpose other than a purpose described in clause 34 (1) (d); and
(b) a record of any disclosure of that personal information to a person other than a person described in clause 34 (1) (e).
(2) A record of use or disclosure under subsection (1) forms part of the personal information to which it is attached or linked.  R.S.O. 1990, c. M.56, s. 35.

MFIPPA SECTION 58 imposes a duty to investigate and report
MFIPPA mandates that The IPC commissioner is responsible for five overlapping and integrated activities: 
1) reviewing government decisions concerning the dissemination of information; 
2) investigating public complaints of use and disclosure of personal information; 
3) reviewing government administrative and records management practices; 
4) conducting research and giving advice on issues related to access and privacy;
5) educating the public concerning privacy and access issues.
MFIPPA SECTION 59 details the Powers and duties of Commissioner
The IPC has a duty to the Legislature, and to us TAXPAYERS to investigate, report and STOP these offences.
Instead, they ignore South Glengarry Township Council’s multiple MFIPPA offences and support their secret personal information bank!
Please vote.
Please help me fight City Hall sign my petition (no donation, no name displayed).
Please don’t support South Glengarry Township Council’s multiple MFIPPA offences and support their secret personal information bank!
Thank you