Since 2012 South Glengarry Township denied  access to Public Records – including Election Records.

DUNDAS Township Lawyer Eldon Horner’s letter:  (Why not a local lawyer?) NO ANSWERS…

a) Municipality will only respond to properly submitted written requests pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information Act

b) The court should declare me a Vexatious Litigant” for seeking access via the courts and the IPC

Even though in June 2018 Clerk Kelli Campeau acknowledged my complaint and permitted access (See Email below)

South Glengarry, and its officers, Mayor lan Mcleod, Deputy Mayor Frank Prevost, Councillors Lyle Warden, Trevor Bougie and Bill McKenzie are spending tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers rather than providing access to Public Records – even Election Records. Access to Public Records is provided by every Ontario law governing municipalities.

Do you want your TAX dollars used to CONTINUE to pay a Lawyer to deny residents, taxpayers right of access to Election Records?

Is this the council you want? Is this a good use of Public TAX dollars? Do you want to CONTINUE to pay this lawyer with YOUR TAX dollars?

Spending tens of thousands on a lawyer to deny access to Municipal Election Records is contrary to the Act, and appears to be a misuse of public funds

Do you want to support Mayor lan Mcleod, Deputy Mayor Frank Prevost, Councillors Lyle Warden, Trevor Bougie and Bill McKenzie to CONTINUE to waste YOUR TAX DOLLARS?

Why? because they WANTED to deny access to Election Records, LAWFUL access to public records? Because they wanted to deny access to THEIR expenses?

PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY… please share this post

Please sign my petition:

From: Kelli Campeau <>
Date: Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 10:50 AM
Subject: Election Records
To: Bundy Szabo <>
Cc: Bryan Brown <>

Good Morning Mr. Szabo,

Upon further review and consideration of your complaint submitted June 17th, 2018, you may attend the Township office to view Elections Records.

You are welcome to come inspect the records during regular business hours. Please note that the only records that are available for inspection pertain to the 2014 municipal election, as any previous election records have already been destroyed as per the Township’s Records Retention By-law 06-17.


Kelli Campeau

Clerk 6 Oak Street, Box 220 Lancaster, Ontario, K0C 1N0

T: 613-347-1166 ext. 223| F: 613-347-3411


Stephanie JAWORSKI  2,205
Martin LANG  2,182
Sam MCDONELL  2,031

GONE: Ian Mcleod Trevor BOUGIE and Bill MCKENZIE who would rather PAY lawyers than uphold taxpayer rights!

Thank you to runner ups: Claude BOURCIER Joanne HIGH Glenn PATTON Jo-Ann PERIARD Hanz SCHULZ David SMALL Duncan WIGHTMAN