TOWN CLERK: "As my previous e-mail stated - unfortunately, we do not currently have a process in place. There are no formalized personal information disclosure records. Once we have a process in place, you will not have to go through an FOI process for that type of record." HUH?

Stephanie Jaworski@StephJaworski

Message from our Mayor.
Also, if you got the AdBag this week, did you see the #SouthGlengarry Community Guide?

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Dear Taxpayer/Resident

Please be advised that the Council of the Township of South Glengarry reviewed and considered your formal complaint submitted on December 6, 2018. (For years the Clerk and CAO refused access to Public Election Records)
Council has determined that the complaint is frivolous and vexatious pursuant to section 4.8 of the Township’s Corporate Complaint Policy. As a result, no further investigation of the complaint will occur.
Complaints that cannot be resolved through the Township’s complaint process may be submitted to the provincial Ombudsman’s office in accordance with the provisions of Bill 8.

MAYOR  Frank Prevost
6690 Bray Street Glen Walter, ON K6H 5R5
Phone: 613-361-4317 E-mail:

Regards? how about a reason? how is a complaint about denial of access to election records frivolous and vexatious?   what is council afraid of investigating?