IPC – Information Privacy Commissioner OR Information Privacy Clutz?

The IPC states “The System is working but reform is desirable” But The IPC published falsified annual reports! I think the commissioner needs to attend reform school.

I am not alone the STAR says It can take so long to get records through the FOI process that they become irrelevant. 

The IPC does nothing about Offences under the Act – it will not listen, speak or take an interest, it is Deaf Dumb and Distant.

The IPC routinely finds requesters “frivolous AND vexatious” – NEVER bad faith by institutions.

Here is a TEN year odyssey of a mother trying to access records relating to the tragic death of her son. Do these people have a soul?


  1. I do not uphold the ministry’s decision that the appellant’s request is frivolous or vexatious under section 4(1)(b) of the Act.
  2. I order the ministry to issue an access decision for the request at issue in this appeal in accordance with section 26 of the Act, treating the date of this order as the date of the request.

BUT the IPC also ordered “However, if the ministry believes that the circumstances surrounding either of those requests support a finding that one or both of them are frivolous or vexatious under section 4(1)(b) of the Act, they are not precluded making a decision on that basis. ”

So after TEN years of being told that she was “frivolous AND vexatious” she MAY get DECISION  – but NOT the records!

You may ask Do these people have a soul? How did I find this ORDER!??!?  My IPC mediator provided this example of a request which is NOT “frivolous AND vexatious”

Coming soon, my own odyssey which I thought was DISGUSTING, until the IPC sent me this “example”!