Freedom of Information experiences suggest that government officials and non-governmental actors become more adept in developing strategies that exploit or blunt the opportunities created by the law.

Can you Appeal your Freedom of Information (FOI) request at the IPC?

Think your FOI – sets the issues if you Appeal? MAYBE if you are prepared!

The Notice of Inquiry sets Issues of your Appeal. SORTA KINDA EH?!?..

Your Mediator THINKS he/she sets out the Issues of Appeal because the

Mediator’s Report sets Issues of Appeal SORTA (HINT See Definitions) or

Or you may think Mediator’s Report, after I correct it sets Issues of Appeal

… MAYBE – if you can try reading 346 plus decisions

OR fuggedaboutit The IPC is fair, impartial and plain!

OR Sadly you think the IPC is a game, I cannot get a fair Appeal!

PO-1755 – 2000-02-14 ADJUDICATOR: 

Adjudicaor Laurel Cropley: “ Further, had any of his discussions been mediation privileged, they would not have been forwarded on to me.” …. ?!?!?!

And Shame on me for playing!

CORRECT ANSWER? Mediation Privilege is your RIGHT, that is NOT found in the IPC Procedures. See Canlii.org, IPC Decisions or “Mediation Privilege”

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