Mayor Frank Prevost and Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden paid tens of thousands of your tax dollars to lawyer Eldon Horner, to sue a South Glengarry Township Resident, rather than provide access to Public Election Records from 2012 to 2019 – a span of seven years.

Justice R Leroy of the Cornwall Superior Court dismissed the Township’s lawsuit stating, Clerk Kelli Campeau: “now knows it is not frivolous and vexatious” to access Election Records. No written reasons were provided.

Lawyer Eldon Horner got tens of thousands of YOUR $$$, but “hopes”

  • that all parties will be “reasonable”
  • the 2012 Township denial of access to Election Records can be disregarded
  • one day a more detailed “position” will be provided

CAO Bryan Brown is gone. Mayor Ian McCleod is gone. Councillors William McKenzie, Trevor Bougie are gone.

Mayor Frank Prevost and Deputy Mayor Lyle Warden?

WATCHDOGS, NEWSPAPERS, etc all ignore, CONDONE these actions.

  • SEE: Andrea Dobi, Ontario Ombudsman refused to investigate.
  • Ontario Freedom of Information Commissioner refused to investigate.
  • South Glengarry Township Closed Meeting Investigator ignored requests to investigate. NOTE: Jan 9, 2019 Clerk Kelli Campeau “forwarded” the closed meeting complaint?!?!?!
  • South Glengarry Township Integrity Commissioner refused to investigate.
  • Not a single “news” organization was or is interested.